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Over Night (Ueber Nacht)

Over Night
Tai Elshorst (photo © MAINGOLDFILM)

Mathilda works in a club and at the same time takes care of little drug deals for her boss. Moni lives together with Mathilda and drifts from one one-night stand to the next. She always says good-bye to her lovers with the same ceremony at the bus stop. The quiet Pavel surprises his girlfriend who is cheating on him and loses his job as a photographer.

Pavel and Mathilda meet in the club. Something happens between them. But what is it? How can one love when nobody wants to get hurt? “I’m in love,” Moni confesses to Mathilda. “You’re serious?!”

With fragile hand-held camera optics and cool pictures, Over Night is a study about love, longing and loneliness and shows impressions from the city. A world in which agencies, clubs and single-apartments are described. A world in which the ordering of a whiskey has turned into a trick knowledge – and coolness – test.
Genre Love Story / Romance
Category Feature
Year of Production 2002
Director Horst Krassa
Screenplay Horst Krassa
Cinematography Thomas Rocha, Burcu Tataroglu
Thomas Rocha
Jean Panajotoff
Anna Dischkow, Rossana Mazzi
Cast Tai Elshorst, Frank Wuensche, Nina Hecklau, Peter Lerchbaumer
Producers Horst Krassa, Thomas Rocha
Production Company Maingoldfilm/Frankfurt, in co-production with HR/Frankfurt, in association with Das Werk, Frankfurt, Magnamana Productions/Frankfurt, Pille Filmgeraeteverleih/Wiesbaden, FunDeMental Studios, Frankfurt, Geyer Kopierwerk, Cologne
Runtime 98 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Hof 2002, Berlin 2003 (German Cinema), Mar del Plata 2003 (in competition)
With backing from Hessische Filmfoerderung

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Thomas Rocha, Horst Krassa
Franziusstrasse 8-14
60314 Frankfurt/Germany
phone +49-69-90 43 47 87
fax +49-69-90 43 47 89