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Moby Dick

Moby Dick
Ethan Hawke, William Hurt in "Moby Dick" (photo © Jan Betke/TMG)

Nantucket. The little island off the east coast of the United States is the capital of American whaling in 1850. Sailors, traders, harpooners – they all hope to make big money on land or on a whaler – and if not, then at least to have big adventures. One of them is Ishmael, who wanders through the bustling harbor in search of a whaling boat that will take him out to sea. Together with the homeless boy Pip and the fear-inspiring Polynesian harpooner Queequeg, he signs on as a crewmember of the Pequod.

The commander of the whale boat is the charismatic, some would say despotic, Captain Ahab, an experienced seaman and whale hunter who lost his leg several years earlier in a struggle with the gigantic white sperm whale Moby Dick. Now he is obsessed with taking revenge on the legendary creature. Neither his long-suffering wife nor his crew suspect the true extent of his obsessive thirst for vengeance. Only Starbuck, the First Mate of the Pequod, a very religious and level-headed man, fears that this journey will not be a regular whale-catching expedition...
Genre Adventure, Literature, Drama
Category Mini-Series
Year of Production 2010
Director Mike Barker
Screenplay Nigel Williams
Cinematography Richard Greatrex
Dean Soltys
Richard G. Mitchell
Rob Gray
Cast Donald Sutherland, Billy Boyd, Eddie Marsan, Gillian Anderson, Charlie Cox, Ethan Hawke, William Hurt
Producers Herbert G. Kloiber, Rikolt von Gagern
Production Company Tele München/Munich, in co-production with Gate Film/Munich
Runtime 110 min
Format 35 mm, color, 1:1.78
Sound Technology Dolby SR
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

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