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LEIF IN CONCERT is a day in the life of bartender Lene, in a jazz & blues bar somewhere in Germany. Blues singer Leif aka “Poorboy” is supposed to play a gig that night. But a lot can happen in one day and sometimes life forces us to take a turn and start on a new path.

While preparing the bar for the night Lene is joined by friends, acquaintances and strangers, by musicians and poets, she awaits deliveries of beer, wine and cigarettes. Everyone who enters the bar gets to listen to Leif’s music, which triggers something different in everybody: a smile, a memory, the desire to dance. Then there are the bar’s regulars. We eavesdrop and learn about fairy-pop, invisible mobile phones, giant snails, and maggots feeding on dead bodies. The stories and lives of the guests and staff intersect here. Every silly detail and every absurd anecdote contribute a piece to Lene’s larger story, to this family that makes this gloomy, smoky bar the best place in the world. But not all is rosy in Lene’s life. She is avoiding some decisions and conflicts. What path lies ahead of her? And what if the concert cannot take place? What if some small details jeopardize all her plans?

LEIF IN CONCERT is a declaration of love to music and to that one bar around the corner that everyone knows, that home away from home, where you can be who you are, and where there are no class distinctions.
Genre Comedy, Music
Category Feature
Year of Production 2019
Director Christian Klandt
Screenplay Christian Klandt
Cinematography René Gorski
Cast Luise Heyer, Klaus Manchen, Michael Klammer, Godehard Giese, Florian Bartholomäi, Bela B. Felsenheimer, David Wnendt, Tilo Prückner, Martin "Gotti" Gottschild, Jule Böwe, Mark Benecke, Tom Lass, Isabell Gerschke, Maryam Zaree, Gerdy Zint, Volker Hauptvogel
Producer Martin Lischke
Production Company Lischke & Klandt Filmproduktion
Runtime 109 min
Format DCP, color, cs
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Filmfest Munich 2019, Warsaw 2019
Awards German Cinema New Talent Award (Producer Prize) Munich 2019
With backing from Crowdfunding
German Distributor MissingFILMS

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