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Learning to Lie (Liegen Lernen)

Learning to Lie
Fritzi Haberlandt, Fabian Busch, Sophie Rois (photo © X Filme Creative Pool)

A new angle on life...

Helmut is a shy, awkward kid…and a bit naïve when it comes to girls. When Britta, the most gorgeous girl in his high-school class, finally notices him one day, he falls for her hard. Then she suddenly announces that she is moving to America to live with her father, and he is devastated. After months of writing letters to her, he finally accepts that she’ll never reply - but deep inside his heart he is unwilling to let her go. Years later, Helmut stumbles from one failed love affair into the next. He’s become more confident, but never does he come close to realizing that the hurt he suffered at Britta’s hands and the pedestal on which he has placed her has made him incapable of committing himself to another woman…until Tina. A sharp, independent woman, Tina doesn’t fall for the hustle. She sees Helmut for who he really is…she’s got him pegged. After two blissful years together Tina becomes pregnant. Helmut panics and runs without even understanding why. What he does understand is Tina’s ultimatum... it’s all or nothing, and he cannot imagine losing her. In this decisive moment it is to Britta that Helmut runs. Overwhelmed by the sense that there is still something needing to be finished, he needs to see her one last time...
Genre Romantic Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2003
Director Henk Handloegten
Screenplay Henk Handloegten
Cinematography Florian Hoffmeister
Elena Bromund
Dieter Schleip
Yesim Zolan
Cast Fabian Busch, Susanne Bormann, Birgit Minichmayr, Fritzi Haberlandt, Sophie Rois, Florian Lukas
Producer Maria Koepf
Production Company X Filme Creative Pool
Runtime 94 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Munich 2003, Berlin 2004 (German Cinema), Hong Kong 2004, Moscow 2004, Denver 2004
Awards German Film Promotion Award for Best Screenplay Munich 2003, German Film Award 2004 for Best Supporting Actress
With backing from Filmstiftung NRW, Filmboard Berlin-Brandenburg, Filmfoerderungsanstalt (FFA), BKM, MEDIA
German Distributor X Verleih

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Beta Cinema GmbH
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82041 Oberhaching/Germany
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