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Hooligans, The (Halbstarken, Die)

Hooligans, The
Scene from "Die Halbstarken" (photo courtesy of Filmmuseum Berlin/Deutsche Kinemathek)

Berlin in the 1950s. 19-year-old Freddy is the leader of a gang of teenagers whose only aim in life is to have fun, and who aren't afraid to use their fists to get their way. Since moving away from home after an argument with his father, Freddy makes ends meet with various jobs and petty theft. To impress his girlfriend Sissy, he robs a mail truck with his buddies, but instead of money, all the truck contains is useless bank transfer forms. To re-establish his reputation as leader of the gang, Freddy lets Sissy talk him into robbing a millionaire's villa. The two of them carry out the robbery alone. After they've already pocketed most of the cash, Sissy insists on getting the family's jewelry as well. Suddenly confronted by an old man who tries to stop them, Freddy loses his cool and pulls out a gun...

Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1956
Director Georg Tressler
Screenplay Will Tremper, Georg Tressler
Cinematography Heinz Pehlke
Wolfgang Flaum
Martin Boettcher
Lothar Wloch
Cast Horst Buchholz, Karin Baal, Christian Doermer, Jo Herbst, Viktoria von Ballasko, Stanislav Ledinek, Mario Ahrens, Manfred Hoffmann, Hans Joachim Ketzlin
Producer Wenzel Luedecke
Production Company Inter West Film/Berlin
Runtime 97 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Awards German Film Award 1957 for Best New Director
German Distributor Deutsche Kinemathek - Museum für Film und Fernsehen/Berlin

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