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Happy Weekend (Glueckliches Wochenende)

Happy Weekend

The young policeman Joachim Krippo likes to occasionally share his bed with a nice married couple. When he is supposed to be guarding the criminal Engel Potraske during a court appearance, the dangerous Engel manages a spectacular escape, but departs minus a toe! Krippo is subsequently suspended from his duties and put with other police officers under the care of an elderly police psychologist. Krippo's professional set-backs are followed by private ones: his grandad - who was actually being well looked-after in an old people's home - is dropped off at his place because the payments due have not been made. He tries to get his grandad out of the flat by pairing him off with the police psychologist. But, in the critical moment, Krippo lunges for the bait himself. At least, this means that he will be discharged from the psychograph tests as being fit for service again ...
Category Feature
Year of Production 1996
Director Ed Herzog
Screenplay Ed Herzog, Rainer Knepperges
Cinematography Georg Fick
Oliver Gieth
Ingo Ludwig Frenzel
Cast Ralf Richter, Erik Goertz, Anton Rattinger, Isabel Trimborn, Dieter Wardetzky, Ellen Umlauf
Producer Hanno Huth
Production Company Senator Film Produktion
Runtime 94 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Dolby SR
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt
German Distributor Senator Film Verleih/Berlin

World Sales
Senator Entertainment
Schoenhauser Allee 53
10437 Berlin/Germany
phone 49-30-8 80 91-7 50
fax +49-30-8 80 91-7 59