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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 03/2018

A six-part, fast-paced thriller, HACKERVILLE kicks off when a hacking attack on a major German bank is traced to a local network in Romania. Federal Criminal Police Office cyber-crime expert Lisa Metz is dispatched from Frankfurt to Timisoara, the city of her birth, to work with local investigators led by Romanian cop Adam Sandor. As she rides the rollercoaster of life in contemporary Romania, Lisa is forced to confront uncomfortable secrets from her family’s past. Meanwhile, Sandor’s own investigation is turned upside down by Lisa’s arrival on his patch. When Lisa and Sandor are led to a genius hacker, nicknamed Dark Mole, the three are thrust together in an emotional triangle that starts with extreme distrust but ends with mutual dependence.
Genre Action, Drama, Thriller
Category Series
Year of Production 2018
Directors Igor Cobileanski, Anca Miruna Lazarescu
Screenplay Laurentiu Rusescu, Daniel Sandu, Ralph Martin, Steve Bailie, Jörg Winger
Cast Anna Schumacher, Andi Vasluianu, Voicu Dumitras, Sabin Tambrea, Florian Galan, Ada Lupu, Ronald Zehrfeld, Flavia Hojda, Dana Dembinski, Nina Kunzendorf, Ovidiu Schumacher
Producers Cristian Mungiu, Tudor Reu, Alina David, Silvia Popescu
Production Company HBO Europe, in co-production with TNT Serie, Mobra Films/Bucharest, UFA Fiction
 Romanian, German
Shooting Dates March-June 2018
Festivals Zurich 2018

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