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Dream, Dream, Dream

Dream, Dream, Dream
Franco Belviso, Manuel Blanc, Kati Outinen (photo © Integral Film)

Joachim and Franco are standing on a cliff in Norway at midnight, watching the sun set. But instead of disappearing behind the horizon, the sun rises again. Both men have reached their destination, and now it is time to return back home. But they have a long road ahead of them, over 3,000 kilometers, and not much in common. There is tension in the air, but they will have to put up with each other for a while.

Joachim is a young, somewhat stiff scientist who is on a journey to fulfill his deceased father's dream. During the journey, he learns a lot about himself and his much-hated but also much-respected father. Franco, on the other hand, is a fiery-tempered Italian who hates nothing more than "good advice", particularly when it has to do with his status as a father. So the "bad son" and the "bad father" make their way through thick and thin. The trip back to Hamburg gives them the chance to find themselves and to become good friends.
Genre Road Movie
Category Feature
Year of Production 2002
Director Anne Alix
Screenplay Anne Alix
Cinematography Pascale Granel
Marie-Laure Desideri
Hinrich Dagefoer, Frank Wulff-Raven, Stefan Wulff, Etta Scollo
Dawn Carman Staub
Cast Manuel Blanc, Franco Belviso, Kati Outinen, Marina Kobakhidze, Harry Baer, Heinz Lieven
Producers Dagmar Jacobsen, Marc Ruscart, Helmut Dietl
Production Company Integral Film/Berlin, in co-production with Euripide Productions/Paris, Diana Film/Munich, Wide Eye Pictures/Helsinki, in association with ARTE/Paris
Runtime 93 min
Format 16 mm
Subtitled Versions French, Germany
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
Festivals Hof 2002, Luebeck 2002
With backing from MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein, Le Centre National de la Cinématographie

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