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Despair (Verzweiflung)


Ulrike has come out of prison and is living alone. If she wants to meet other people, then it will only be those who will give her what she believes is her destiny: punishment for murdering her child. She constantly looks for proof that there can never be any love for her and that her life must be an ordeal. Something approaching love is sown when she meets Sigs. She manages to forget the past for a few moments and her ordeal begins to flag. But the past catches up with her. At some point, what happened cannot be hidden from Sigs anymore. Her consistent silence about her past makes him curious. His growing hunch that this is because of a terrible secret makes him drive her increasingly into a corner. Ulrikes leaves Sigs as she sees that the past cannot be concealed any longer. The pain would be greater if he were to leave her on finding out that she had been in prison for infanticide. But they meet again and she has an important experience.
Genre Drama, Love Story / Romance
Category Feature
Year of Production 2000
Director Marcus Lauterbach
Screenplay Marcus Lauterbach
Cinematography Roland Dressel
Monika Schindler
Klaus Doldinger
Cast Nina Petri, Sylvester Groth
Producer Jost Hering
Production Company Jost Hering Filme/Berlin
Runtime 75 min
Format 35 mm, b&w
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Max Ophuels/Saarbruecken 2000, Gothenburg 2001, Rotterdam 2001
German Distributor Basis-Film Verleih/Berlin

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