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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 01/2017

The island where Conni and Co enjoyed many happy summers is for sale to a hotel company! But when her dog finds a gigantic dinosaur bone, the kids hope to persuade Neustadt’s Mayor Möller otherwise. But Möller has his own plans and the bone disappears. Complicating matters is that Conni’s father is the engineer responsible for the new hotel and Paul’s parents’ bookshop is in financial trouble: they have to leave Neustadt but the new hotel would offer them a future. The children set out on a secret search for fossils, then the site must be preserved. It’s a race against time and the mayor. At the last minute the kids find an entire T-Rex skeleton. The island is now saved and soon Neustadt has a dinosaur museum that brings many tourists to the town.
Genre Family Entertainment
Category Feature
Director Til Schweiger
Screenplay Vanessa Walder
Cinematography Markus Nestroy
Cast Emma Tiger Schweiger, Iris Berben, Lisa Bitter, Ken Duken, Heino Ferch, Matthias Habich, Mimi Fiedler, Samuel Finzi, Oskar Keymer, Tamer Trasoglu, Paula Paul
Producers Christian Popp, Sigi Kamml
Co-Producers Til Schweiger, Tom Zickler
Production Company Producers at Work Film, in co-production with Barefoot Films, Warner Bros. Film Productions Germany
Shooting Dates July-August 2016
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds, HessenFilm und Medien
German Distributor Warner Bros. Entertainment GmbH

World Sales
Beta Cinema GmbH
Grünwalder Weg 28 d
82041 Oberhaching/Germany
phone +49-89-67 34 69 828