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Center, The (Mitte, Die)

Center, The
Scene from "The Center" (photo © strandfilm)

Where is the geographical center of Europe?

No less than a dozen towns within a radius of two-thousand kilometers claim the distinction of being the "center". So director Stanislaw Mucha and his film team take off on an entertaining odyssey – sometimes burlesque, sometimes tragicomic – across Central Europe in search of the one-and-only, the "true center" of a continent covered with centers.
Genre Culture, Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2004
Director Stanislaw Mucha
Screenplay Stanislaw Mucha
Cinematography Susanne Schüle
Stanislaw Mucha
Moritz Denis, Eike Hosenfeld
Producer Dieter Reifarth
Production Company Strandfilm/Frankfurt, in co-production with HR/Frankfurt, ARTE
Runtime 85 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Berlin 2004 (Panorama), Karlovy Vary 2004 (Documentary Competition), Montreal 2004, Seville 2004, IDFA Amsterdam 2004, Fantasporto 2005
With backing from FilmFoerderung Hamburg, Hessische Filmfoerderung, Kuratorium junger deutscher Film, Filmstiftung NRW, Filmbuero NW

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