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Black Curse, The (Schwarze Fluch, Der)

Black Curse, The

Reporter Jenny and her colleague Rick are researching into the murder of seven people on a South American island. She meets Charles Marlowe, who has a strange similarity to her husband killed in a bomb explosion, and falls in love with him. Marlowe's wife Inka spins a deadly web of intrigue, forcing her husband to sentence Jenny to death. As Charles Marlowe tries desperately to save Jenny, he himself becomes a pawn in a dramatic game ...
Genre Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 1995
Director Otto W. Retzer
Screenplay Julia Kent
Cinematography Marc Prill
Norbert Herzner
M Hofmann de Boer
Cast Julia Kent, James Brolin, Deborah Shelton, Brent Huff
Producer Karl Spiehs
Production Company LISA-Film/Munich
Runtime 94 min
Format 16 mm, color

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