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Austrian Method, Die (Oesterreichische Methode, Die)

Austrian Method, Die
Scene from "The Austrian Method" (photo © SPIRIT Filmverleih)

Julia suddenly discovers her desire to plunge to the depths of her soul. A night-time odyssey leads her to an indoor ski hall, where she looks further into the “Austrian method”...

The psychologist Roman Fischer and his wife Carmen have an unexpected guest who showed up for dinner and doesn’t want to leave...

Clara must come to terms with a brain tumor diagnosis and is wrestling between suppression and suicide...

The singer Maleen tries to liven up her relationship with the pianist Sascha with a poisoned Ecstacy pill...

Hans and Mona, who is tied to the bed, experience an amour fou in which the boundaries between perpetrator and victim are blurred...

The Austrian Method is a collective project in which five young directors present the stories of five, by no means weak, women... 24 hours later some of them will have survived, and some not.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2006
Directors Florian Mischa Böder, Peter Boesenberg, Gerrit Lucas, Erica von Moeller
Screenplay Florian Mischa Böder, Peter Boesenberg, Gerrit Lucas, Erica von Moeller
Cinematography Matthias Schellenberg
Andreas Menn
Andreas Wodraschke
Christiane Krumwiede, Irene Piel, Petra Bossmann, Jutta Freyer, Thomas Schmid, Ruth Wilbert
Cast Maja Beckmann, Julie Braeuning, Susanne Buchenberger, Lilia Lehner, Cathérine Seifert, Michael Abendroth, Johann von Bülow, Arno Frisch, Carlo Ljubek, Susanne Lothar
Producers Tobby Holzinger, Thomas Wöbke, Jakob Claussen, Uli Putz
Production Company Tobby Holzinger Produktion/Aachen, in co-production with Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion
Runtime 93 min
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Hof 2006, Luenen 2007, Sofia 2007, Turkey-Germany Festival Nuremberg 2007, Festival of German Films Ludwigshafen 2007, Ausgezeichneter Sommer Festival Berlin 2007
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
German Distributor SPIRIT Filmverleih/Aachen

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