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It is the time of the German occupation of Poland and the raid on the Ghetto. One evening in the woods, a farmer comes upon a young Jewish woman on the run. He takes her back to his house. At first just for the night, then for a week, a month, and finally for the rest of the period of occupation. The man is a somewhat morose, moralizing, 46-year-old bachelor. She is a medical student, attractive, but of a stubborn nature and also inclined to moralize the whole time. Little by little they fall in love with each other; but since they are incompatible in terms of their character, education and attitudes to life, and indeed quite different in age, the relationship begins to fall apart again, until they come to the point where they can no longer stand each other.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1985
Director Agnieszka Holland
Screenplay Paul Hengge, Agnieszka Holland
Cinematography Josef Ort-Snep
Cast Armin Mueller-Stahl, Elisabeth Trissenaar, Kaethe Jaenicke
Producer Artur Brauner
Production Companies CCC-Filmkunst, Admiral Film/Munich
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Melbourne 2019
German Distributor STUDIOCANAL/Berlin

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