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Amongst Germans (Unter Deutschen)

Amongst Germans

What is German identity, German culture after reunification? No issue occupies the Germans as much as their identity; nevertheless, it is always being covered up. Troller and his team travelled over the course of one year throughout this new "Transgermania" (as it is already called abroad). A journey through a land that can't be reduced to a common denominator? An inspection of present German conditions: films, towns, villages, carnival and Octoberfest, workers, artists, refined people, Troller and his team took part in the wedding of a black man with a chic Munich girl ("the main thing is that he's not a Prussian", the bride's father said) - in an ecumenical mass for animals (do the Germans love animals more than people?), spoke with chimney sweeps, whores, roadhogs, tramps, duelling fraternities, neo-Nazis... Germany's intellectual elite also appear, from Grass to Heiner Mueller, from Doris Doerrie to Reich-Ranicki. And questions are always being asked about German identity and self-assessment, past and hope for the future.
Category Documentary
Director Georg Stefan Troller
Screenplay Georg Stefan Troller
Cinematography Klaus Gottschall
Elfi Kreiter
Thomas Osterhoff
Producer Jörg Bundschuh
Production Company Kick Film, in co-production with BR
Runtime 92 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Versions English, French
Sound Technology Mono
German Distributor Kick Film

World Sales
Kick Film GmbH
Joerg Bundschuh
Mannhardtstrasse 6
80538 Munich/Germany
phone +49-89-7 47 10 30
fax +49-89-74 71 03 66