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© Karsten Pruehl

GOETHES FAUST is set in a modern metropolis made of concrete and glass. The people have turned their backs to nature. Here, the hacker Faust is on a quest for higher meaning and transcendence. He loves to expand his consciousness with LSD. But his latest trip becomes horrific. A woman appears and claims to be Mephisto herself. She convinces Faust that she'd change his life and he enters a pact with her to be his maidservant. Soon after, Faust encounters an innocent girl, Gretchen. In order to win her trust, he uses Mephisto’s powers. He thinks he loves her, but after he has taken her virginity, he loses interest and strives for even greater pleasures. Mephisto leads him to a festival of lust and drugs, where Faust sheds himself. Meanwhile Gretchen's life falls apart...
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2018
Director Karsten Pruehl
Screenplay Karsten Pruehl
Cinematography Daniel Goede
Cast Bernardo Arias Porras, Runa Pernoda Schaefer, Helena Siegmund-Schultze, David Halina, Gabi Herz, Kalle Perlmutter, Heidrun Bartholomäus, Simone Geißler
Producer Maik Schuntermann
Production Company Picturis Produktion
Runtime 105 min
Format DCP, color, 1:1.78
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital 5.1
With backing from Saxony-Anhalt Arts Foundation

World Sales
Picturis Produktion