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photo © 2012/2013 POSTHUMOUS FILM/Stefan Erhard

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 02/2013

“Berlin is an important element in the story and really one of the film’s characters, so we knew we’d be shooting POSTHUMOUS here,“ says producer Bernadette Bürgi who had developed the project with Chinese-American filmmaker Lulu Wang. “In fact, Lulu had lived in Berlin on and off for two years and been looking for specific locations in the city’s art scene that one could use for the film,” she continues. “When talking about romantic European cities, one usually thinks of Rome, Paris or Barcelona, but we thought it would be good to have Berlin as the setting of an endearing love story for a change.”

“What I liked about the story is that it isn’t all streamlined,” adds German producer Skady Lis. “The characters have their rough edges and are quite bizarre in parts. The story was a perfect match for Berlin!”

Wang’s feature debut centers on a struggling artist whose works of art skyrocket in value when he is mistakenly thought to have killed himself. The artist decides to keep up the charade by pretending to be his own brother, but the entire plan is put in jeopardy when he befriends a charming and resourceful reporter who begins to show him the real value of art, life and love...

“We spent quite a lot of time on casting the three lead roles to get the right chemistry between the characters,” recalls Bürgi. British actor Jack Huston, who appeared in NIGHT TRAIN TO LISBON, plays the hapless artist, with US actress Brit Marling (ANOTHER EARTH and ARBITRAGE) as the journalist, and Lambert Wilson as the artist’s gallery owner. In addition, former German Shooting Star Alexander Fehling appears as the journalist’s fiancé and OH BOY's Tom Schilling is cast as the gallery owner’s assistant.

The film was lensed by German DoP Stefan Ciupek who had previously worked with Lis on Ralf Huettner's LOST IN SIBERIA and also has credits on such films as Lars von Trier’s MANDERLAY and ANTICHRIST and Danny Boyle’s 127 HOURS.

Genre Romantic Comedy
Category Feature
Director Lulu Wang
Screenplay Lulu Wang
Cinematography Stefan Ciupek
Cast Jack Huston, Brit Marling, Lambert Wilson, Alexander Fehling, Tom Schilling, Nikolai Kinski
Producer Bernadette Bürgi
Co-Producers Skady Lis, Andro Steinborn
Production Company Flying Box Productions/Santa Monica, in co-production with Getaway Pictures, Arden Film/Berlin, cine plus Filmproduktion
Shooting Dates October-December 2012
With backing from German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds

Getaway Pictures
Skady Lis