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(Geschichte von Brandner Kaspar, Die)

Scene from “Die Geschichte vom Brandner Kaspar” (photo © Concorde Filmverleih/C.A. Rieger)

Boanlkramer (aka Death) hasn’t had such a difficult ‘client’ in long time! For over a thousand years, he’s been traipsing through Bavaria, picking up his fellow countrymen to bring them to 'paradise'. But then he happens upon the stubborn Brandner Kaspar.

Brandner Kaspar definitely does not want to be taken off to all eternity just yet. No, no, he is 69, way too young to leave now. Boanlkramer tries all his tricks to get Brandner Kaspar to change his mind, but nothing works. Then Brandner pulls out some schnapps, really fine stuff, which seems to appeal to Boanlkramer. So much so, that he doesn’t even realize that Brandner is cheating him at a card game.

With a hangover and without Brandner, Boanlkramer makes his way back to heaven. He put him off for 21 years and beat him at cards – if Petrus finds that out, there is going to be trouble. Best thing to do is just not mention it at all.

Brandner Kaspar is reeling with glee, he beat out Death, who has now promised not to return until his 90th birthday. Now the coast is clear, or so he thinks...
Genre Comedy, Drama, Tragicomedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2008
Director Joseph Vilsmaier
Screenplay Klaus Richter
Cinematography Jörg Widmer
Uli Schoen
Chris Heyne
Gudrun Schretzmeier
Cast Sebastian Bezzel, Peter Ketnath, Lisa Maria Potthoff, Michael Bully Herbig, Franz Xaver Kroetz, Detlev Buck
Producers Markus Zimmer, Joseph Vilsmaier
Production Company Clasart Film/Munich, in co-production with Perathon Film/Munich
Runtime 100 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Awards Bavarian Film Prize 2009 (Special Jury Prize to Franz Xaver Kroetz & Michael "Bully" Herbig)
With backing from German Federal Film Board / FFA Filmförderungsanstalt, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds, Cine Tirol
German Distributor Concorde Filmverleih

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