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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 02/2012

24 HOURS JERUSALEM portrays a full day in the life of one of the most turbulent cities in the world. Say the name, and images spring immediately to the mind: the cradle of Judaism and Christianity, a place sacred to Muslims.

Every square meter of Jerusalem resounds with history. Fought over for almost all its past, Jerusalem is still being fought over today. This is the place where cultures clash like nowhere else. But behind its headline-making history, this is also a place where many lead their everyday lives, do their jobs, are born, get married, have children, and seek their fortune.

24 HOURS JERUSALEM shows the city as it has never been shown before – through the stories of its inhabitants, who incorporate all the contradictions of this turbulent place: Israelis and Palestinians, Jews, Muslims and Christians, those who have moved in and those who have been there forever, the pious and atheists, night owls and early risers. This is today's Jerusalem.

24 HOURS JERUSALEM, which takes its cues from its highly successful predecessor, 24 HOURS BERLIN, presents one day in the life of a city like no other, filmed by more than 60 directors and starring the people of the city itself; in realtime, 24 hours long.

Production company zero one film specializes in high-quality and innovative documentaries for German and international television, as well as the cinema. Among its productions are GERHARD RICHTER PAINTING, which won the German Film Award 2012 for Best Documentary, THE FLAT, which screened at this year's Tribeca Film Festival in the World Documentary Competition, and GESCHLOSSENE GESELLSCHAFT - DER MISSBRAUCH AN DER ODENWALDSCHULE, about a decades-long scandal of sex abuse and cover-up at a German school, which won the 2012 Grimme Award in the Information category.

Genre Culture, Society
Category Documentary
Director Gabriel Bibliowicz
Screenplay Volker Heise
Producer Thomas Kufus
Co-Producers Talia Kleinhendler, Mosh Danon, Daoud Kuttab
Production Company zero one 24, in co-production with 24 Communications/Tel Aviv, Daoud Kuttab/Amman
 Hebrew, Arabic, English
Shooting Dates 6 September 2012
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, Jerusalem Film Fund

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