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Serengeti darf nicht sterben

Serengeti darf nicht sterben was the first German documentary film to ever receive the most sought after trophy of Hollywood as well as many other awards. The film not only shows the beauty and wildness of Serengeti, but it also serves as a passionate plea for the establishment and preservation of the Serengeti National Park, promoting the establishment of national park borders which are compatible to animal migration and not deliberately set by man.

Bernhard Grzimek was born in Neisse (Silesia) in 1909 and studied Zoology and Veterinary Medicine in Leipzig. He started working as veterinarian, and after the war he became director of the destroyed Frankfurt zoo. Under his directorate, the Frankfurt zoo was not only rebuilt and enlarged, but also became a synonym for modern animal husbandry internationally. Radio and TV made him the best known zoologist of Germany. His TV series called A Place for Animals was broadcast from 1956 till the end of the 1980s. International fame came with documentary movies about African wildlife. Among his best known films are Kein Platz fuer Wilde Tiere (1956) and Serengeti darf nicht sterben (1959), which is the only German-language documentary film ever to receive an OSCAR.

Year of Production 1959
Director Bernhard Grzimek
Screenplay Bernhard Grzimek
Cinematography Michael Grzimek, Richard Graf, Hermann Gimbel, Alan Root
Production Company Okapia-Film/Frankfurt
Awards Academy Award 1959
German Distributor Globus Film/Neufahrn

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