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Scene from QUEST

QUEST is a mixed-media, stop motion film which uses materials not commonly used in animation. In a quest for water, a sand puppet leaves the sand world in which it lives. It wanders through other worlds made of paper, stone and iron, following the sound of dripping water. In the end, the sand puppet manages to reach the water... in a very tragic way.
Genre Animation
Category Short
Year of Production 1996
Directors Thomas Stellmach, Tyron Montgomery
Screenplay Tyron Montgomery
Cinematography Tyron Montgomery
Production Company Thomas Stellmach Filmproduktion
Festivals Angers 2008, Animatou Geneva 2012, Animafest Zagreb 2016
Awards Oscar®for Best Puppet Animation 1997

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Lichthof Film & Animation
T. Stellmach, P. Lemken, J. Bode
Bahnhofsplatz 1
34117 Kassel/Germany
phone +49-5 61-7 66 99 71
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