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photo © Film Boutique/Kawe Vakil

It could always be worse? Not for costume designer Olga and director Georg. They’ve only just split up, and now the two of them are stuck together on a camping site in Poland, making a doomed comedy about the UEFA Cup. The shoot degenerates into a chaotic farce: Actors and plot change as frequently as a footballers strip, and every day another crew member abandons the sinking ship. The fact that Olga is pregnant becomes almost irrelevant. While Georg hysterically attempts to fulfill his inner artistic destiny and complete a film against all odds, Olga vigorously seeks her fortune in the Poland beyond the camping site. Both endeavors are hopeless. In the end, Georg and Olga are forced to confront the conclusion that a worst-case scenario is still better than no scenario at all.
Genre Comedy, Love Story / Romance
Category Feature
Year of Production 2014
Director Franz Müller
Screenplay Franz Müller
Cinematography Kawe Vakil
Cast Eva Löbau, Samuel Finzi, Laura Tonke, Janek Bielawski, Mirek Balonis, Harald Kempe, Justyna Bartoszewicz, Florian Mischa Böder
Producers Katharina Jakobs, Markéta Polednová
Co-Producers Franz Müller, Moritz Müller
Production Company Film Boutique - Jakobs Polednova, in co-production with 3 Müller Film, in cooperation with geißendörfer film- und fernsehproduktion/Cologne
Runtime 82 min
Format DCP, Blu-ray, color, 1:1.85
 German, English, Polish
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Munich 2014, Mostra São Paulo 2014, Oldenburg 2014, Starz Denver 2014, Around the World in 14 Films Berlin 2014
With backing from Film- und Medienstiftung NRW
German Distributor Grandfilm Verleih

World Sales
Film Boutique - Jakobs Polednova
Werderstr. 26
50672 Cologne/Germany

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