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photo © Frank Schirrmeister

There's rampage at a Berlin university. Many of the students don't manage to escape the building and barricade themselves in the classrooms and lecture halls. Their fates are connected, but they don't yet know it. Did they live their lives right, if it all ends today? Fear spreads - fear of the perpetrators and fear of the total silence in the building.

The film tells a story about lone fighters, about inner wounds and desires, and about being heard.
Genre Drama, Psycho Thriller
Category Feature
Year of Production 2014
Director Zarah Ziadi
Screenplay Jens Becker
Cinematography Johannes Obermaier
Cast Jockel Tschiersch, Falk Rockstroh
Producers Eike Adler, Maruice M. Mohn
Production Company Filmuniversität Babelsberg KONRAD WOLF
Runtime 94 min
Format DCP, color, 1:2
Subtitled Version English

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