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Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 10/2020

One night, eight witnesses: inspired by the bestselling novel The Memory Illusion by Dr Julia Shaw, THE WITNESSES is a tense, highly emotional series that explores the power of our memories – and how little we can trust them. A ten-year-old girl is
kidnapped in the middle of the crowded Natural History Museum in Berlin. Nobody claims responsibility.
There’s no ransom demand. The only key to her rescue seems to be buried in the memories of those who witnessed the incident. The girl’s father, a prominent politician, insists on bringing in the brilliant memory researcher Dr Jasmin Braun.
She’s tasked with evaluating the witnesses in order to reconstruct the crime exactly as it unfolded, pulling out any memories about the perpetrators as quickly as possible, with time fast running out for the missing girl. With the investigation underway,
she finds herself pulled into a web of intrigue as the twists, turns and doublecrossing reveal that the case is an intricate revenge plot, in which she has to confront difficult memories of her own.