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Scene from "Stalingrad" (photo courtesy of Bavaria Film International)

In the spring of 1942 German troops advance deep into the Soviet Union, en route to Stalingrad. Hitler, seriously misjudging the tenacity of the Red Army, is convinced that the city can be conquered before winter. Inadequately clothed and without sufficient food, the Nazi troops literally freeze and starve to death, largely abandoned by their leaders. For the soldiers Fritz, Hans, Rollo and GeGe, the struggle for life has just begun. Gunfire and bombs are only one part of this hell; most of the soldiers will lose the battle against hunger and cold.

The film presents this turning point in World War II as a vast tableau of horror in which the average German soldier was as much a victim of Nazi evil as were the Soviet people.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1993
Director Joseph Vilsmaier
Cinematography Joseph Vilsmaier
Hannes Nikel
Cast Martin Benrath, Dana Vávrová, Jochen Nickel, Thomas Kretschmann, Dominique Horwitz, Sebastian Rudolph
Producer Joseph Vilsmaier
Production Company Perathon Film/Munich
Runtime 150 min
Format 35 mm
Festivals Moscow 2013

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