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Rent A Santa Claus (Schau mich nicht so boese an)

Rent A Santa Claus

The general assembly of Father Christmases in the university lecture theatre, "Oh Christmas Tree" booms out. Over 350 Father Christmases and more than 50 female angels are here to get themselves in the mood for the big day. On Christmas Eve, almost 5,000 families in Berlin and surroundings are set to receive their Christmas presents from them. Three camera teams follow three Father Christmases on their way through the festively decorated living-rooms. These ones are not going around on sleighs, but by car or bicycle instead, and they have an angel as companion or deliver the presents by themselves. It is not only their job to test the children's knowledge of poems and bring joy and happiness into the homes with the presents, they are also there to support the parents' educational efforts by behaving in a strict way. All those little things that just happen when Father Christmas comes by are pieced together to produce a picture that is quite unspectacular, but vivid nevertheless. And sometimes you just have to laugh because there's something to be discover that everyone knows.
Category Documentary
Director Michael Chauvistré
Screenplay Michael Chauvistré, Andreas Taglinger
Cinematography Michael Chauvistré, Erik Krambeck, Konstantin Kröning
Michael Chauvistré
Georg Fischer, Christoph Seil
Producer Michael Chauvistré
Production Company Happy Endings Film, Berlin, in co-production with ORB/Potsdam, SFB/Berlin
Runtime 66 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals Hof 97
With backing from Kulturelle Filmfoerderung Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Stiftung Kulturfonds
German Distributor Salzgeber & Co. Medien

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