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Police commissioner Juergen Tauber and his new colleague Jo Obermaier are ready to solve their first case together. But first, Tauber has to accept that his new colleague is not only a woman and a very energetic mother, but an excellent police-officer as well. Secondly, the disappearance of truck-driver Holger Wennisch is anything but easy to investigate.

Jonah Dibango is desperate. He is living all alone in Munich, but only on a limited residence permit. He wants to stay in Germany forever, but time is running out. Jonah's wife was murdered in Africa. To save his two children, Thula and Lineo, Jonah engages Holger Wennisch, a professional smuggler, to bring them to Germany illegally. On their way across the border, Wennisch and the children have an accident. One of the children dies, the other one seems to have survived, but disappears. Wennisch, also surviving the accident, is missing as well. His blood-smeared clothes are found on the road. However, the blood-stains are not human, they are chicken blood. Tauber and his new colleague Jo Obermaier set about solving the mysterious case.
Category Feature
Director Peter Patzak
Screenplay Christian Jeltsch
Cinematography Andreas Koefer
Jacqueline von Brueck
Peter Patzak
Cast Joana Adu Gyamfi, Michaela May, Edgar Selge, Aloysius Itoka
Producer Tita Korytowski
Production Company Infafilm/Munich
Runtime 88 min
Format color
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Hof 2000

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