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Plan - An Ecomedy, The (Aktion - Eine Oeko-moedie, Die)

Plan - An Ecomedy, The

Fact is that Holger Mauss, owner of a company producing dairy products and vehement defender of plastic packaging, taps water from the surrounding fields in total disregard of the farmers' interests. He silences his critics, among others farmer Schellmann, by taking them to court and using his excellent connections to local politicians. Nobody can beat him using the law. So what is needed is a plan, a plan so unexpected that Mauss does not know whether he is coming or going. The young countess Tatjana von Selasinsky employs a frustrated policeman and an eco-freak (Messrs Gauert and Droste) to put a stop to the polluter's wrong-doings. All methods are acceptable as long as they are original and efficient. In addition, there are good deal of arguing. Muesli man clashes with hyper-yuppy, public transport with Yank limos, wool pullovers with silk jackets. Or: Droste vs. Gauert, and both against the end of the world.
Category Feature
Director Tom Bohn
Screenplay Tom Bohn
Cinematography Immo Rentz
Gudrun Boehl
Hansi Franek
Cast Hannes Jaenicke, Desirée Nosbusch, Adolf Laimboeck, Udo Weinberger, Theo Maalek, Ingo Naujoks
Producer Susan Schulte
Production Company SWF/Baden-Baden
Runtime 79 min
Format Super 16, color

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