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Pigs Will Fly

Pigs Will Fly
Andreas Schmidt, Laura Tonke, Thomas Morris (photo © Eoin Moore)

Pigs Will Fly tells the story of a wife-batterer, Laxe, who, facing a possible prison sentence in his home town Berlin, flees to San Francisco, where his brother Walter has been living for over ten years. Their reunion awakens memories of their violent childhood and brings the batterer to a new awareness of his own deeds. A new relationship with a girl named Inga in San Francisco will become the ultimate test for him.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2002
Director Eoin Moore
Screenplay Eoin Moore, Nadya Derado
Cinematography Bernd Loehr
Oliver Gieth, Eoin Moore
Warner Poland, Kai-Uwe Kohlschmidt, Chris Whitley
Cast Andreas Schmidt, Thomas Morris, Laura Tonke, Kirsten Block, Alexis Lezin, Udo Kier, Hans Peter Hallwachs, Heike Schober, Michael Kind, Steffen Muenster, Stefan Lochau
Producers Anne Leppin, Eoin Moore, Sigrid Hoerner
Production Company Workshop Leppin Moore Hoerner/Berlin, in cooperation with ZDF
Runtime 102 min
Subtitled Versions English, German, Spanish
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals San Sebastian 2002 (in competition), Hof 2002
German Distributor Piffl Medien

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