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Photography and Beyond (Photographie und Jenseits)

Photography and Beyond
Scene from "Goff in der Wueste" (photo © Filmgalerie 451)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 03/2002

Shooting was completed in June on the latest two episodes of Heinz Emigholz's ambitious 25-part film series project Photography and Beyond which was launched in 1984 with the film The Basis of Make-Up.

The series about art and design focuses on projections that become visible as writings, drawings, photography, architecture and sculpture. Emigholz develops something indescribable from the writings, drawings and the studies of the works of various architects: an expression in film of the objectification of mental concepts.

In his words, "a reverse visual process is analyzed here: sight as an expression, not an impression. The eye as the interface between the brain and the outside world, the view as a compositional power that projects an idea or comprehends it by means of cinematography."

The two new films D'Annunzios Hoehle and Goff in der Wueste - episodes 7 and 12 respectively - are a two-parter covering the debate between "good" and "bad" design. The stylistically formative "alternative" constructions of the American architect Bruce Goff are presented in contrast to the efforts at interior design by Gabriele d'Annunzio as the pioneer of power-oriented "lifestyle" movements.

Goff in der Wueste was shot during April and May at locations between Los Angeles and Chicago charting the work of the important 20th century forerunner of today's New Modernism, while Emigholz and his team went to Gardone in Italy in June to make the film about Gabriele d'Annunzio.

An insight into Emigholz's method of filmmaking can be obtained by clicking onto the website of the film's production company Filmgalerie 451 - - which features an "online diary" accompanying the shoot of Goff in der Wueste with a Quicktime movie of around one minute for each day. In all, there are 50 informative and entertaining "featurettes" providing a virtual "making of" of the trip across the USA on the trail of Bruce Goff.

Future episodes of Photography and Beyond will explore, for example, the work of such architects as Pier Luigi Nervi, Luis Barragan and Rudolph Schindler. Information about parts I and II of the series can found on the Export-Union's website under
Genre Art
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2002
Director Heinz Emigholz
Screenplay Heinz Emigholz
Cinematography Heinz Emigholz, Elfi Mikesch
Heinz Emigholz
Producer Irene von Alberti
Production Company Filmgalerie 451, in association with WDR
Format 35 mm, color
Shooting Dates the USA and Italy, April-June 2002
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Buenos Aires 2004
With backing from MFG Baden-Württemberg