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Out of Order (Stoerung Ost)

Out of Order

The film tells the story of a punk gang in East Berlin from 1979 to 1983. A group of rebel teenagers spend their afternoons hanging around drinking beer. They are suppressed with excessive power and violence by the instruments of the Socialist government. The pressure makes them become political and soon they start their first actions... From then on, the days of the gang are numbered. In 1983 the "Stasi" (East German Internal Security Service) decided on the final solution to the punk question. The gang was broken up and its members locked up in prison. We, Schneider and Mechthild Katzorke, the filmmakers, belonged to the gang. But unlike our friends whose parents were officials in the East German government we were rebels by birth. Priest daughters in an atheist system. Our story has a different ending. In 1995 we invited our old punk friends on a boat trip on the river Spree through the united Berlin. They all came. Plus the one who once created the punk-fever in us - John Peel, the pope of Punk. Together, we recall our experiences.
Category Documentary
Directors Mechthild Katzorke, Cornelia Schneider
Screenplay Mechthild Katzorke, Cornelia Schneider
Cinematography Gustav Hamos, Tomas Blazek, Stephan Horst
Mechthild Katzorke, Cornelia Schneider
The Sex Pistols
Cast Bernd Michael Lade, John Peel, Elke Groegel
Producer Salwa Amin
Production Company Anita AV-Produktion/Berlin, in co-production with ZDF
Runtime 77 min
Format 16 mm, color, b&w
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals Locarno 96: Semaine de la critique

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