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Mister Federmann (Federmann)

Mister Federmann

After the death of his wife the tram-driver Federmann doesn't want to hear anymore about the joys of life. One morning, little Rico runs in front of his tram. The boy is only slightly injured when he is brought to the hospital - but nobody seems to miss him. Federmann does something that he, at first, can't even believe himself - he "kidnaps" the boy from the hospital. Someone has come into his world like an angel from another dimension. But the homely harmony of the unusual couple is in danger of being shattered: a crime has been committed as far as Detective Prochaska of the missing persons unit is concerned. But matters take a quite different course ...
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1998
Director Christian Diedrichs
Screenplay Friedrich Ani
Cinematography Knut Schmitz
Catherine Steghens
Maurus Ronner
Cast Christian Redl, Teresa Harder, Adelheid Arndt, Christos Garyfallakis, Rolf Zacher
Producer Jost Hering
Production Company Jost Hering Filme/Berlin, in co-production with ZDF
Runtime 76 min
Format 16 mm, color
Sound Technology Mono

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