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The authentic portrait of a myth. Maximilian Schell succeeded in doing what many before him had tried in vain. Marlene Dietrich, idol and star of entire generations of cinemagoers, tells of her life in a film such as will never be seen again. Her voice, her quick-witted, sometimes ironical, sometimes sentimental commentary, clips from her films and her life, come together in a fascinating movie collage.
Genre Biopic
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1984
Director Maximilian Schell
Screenplay Meir Dohnal, Maximilian Schell
Cinematography Ivan Slapeta
Production Companies ART-OKO Film/Munich, Bayerischer Rundfunk
Runtime 94 min
Sound Technology Mono
Awards Bavarian Film Award 1984, Boston Societ of Film Critics Award 1988, German Film Award 1984, National Society of Film Critics/USA 1984, New York Film Critics Circle Award 1986

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