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Looosers (Verlierer)


Moritz and Karl, two terribly unsuccessful copywriters, sell completely fictitious insider information from their ad agency to a middleman of the competition, Jed Curtis. They immediately spend the advance on having a good time: they throw a party where Karl falls head over heels in love with the Swedish girl Ulricka, a girlfriend of Rita, the girlfriend of Moritz, the friend of Karl, who subsequently rearranges his life around things Swedish. Moritz and Karl work on their fake campaign until they almost believe that they have the advertising account. Curtis pays the second instalment, there is a second party, and Karl gets to know Ulricka even better. But Jed Curtis discovers that Karl and Moritz have been constantly palming him off with completely fictitious advertising strategies. He has Karl, Moritz, Rita and Ulricka beaten up and gives them an ultimatum. Karl and Moritz break into their own agency to get their hands on the real campaign, are caught, fired, and taken to court for one million because they destroyed the real campaign by mistake.
Category Feature
Year of Production 1995
Director Christopher Roth
Screenplay Martin Rauhaus, Christopher Roth
Cinematography Bella Halben
Christopher Roth
Cast Liane Forestieri, Oliver Korittke, Bernd Michael Lade, Georgia Stahl
Producer Herbert Rimbach
Production Companies Starhaus Filmproduktion/Munich, AVISTA Film/Munich, Neue Sentimental Film/Frankfurt
Runtime 87 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Dolby A
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern
German Distributor STUDIOCANAL/Berlin

World Sales
AVISTA Film- und Fernsehproduktion
Herbert Rimbach
Kellerstrasse 37
81667 Munich/Germany
phone +49-89-4 48 12 98
fax +49-89-4 48 75 02