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Kasachstan Lady

Kasachstan Lady

Daniel, a young musician, is forced to take in his orphaned cousin, Ekatarina, from Kazakhstan. Although less than enthusiastic to begin with, the two get on unexpectedly well. She shares his love of music and inspires him to write a new song. Her great passion is figure-skating and, one day, when she sees a boy fall through the ice she hurries to his aid. The famous figure-skater Sophia Arndt sees what is happening and together they save the boy. Daniel falls in love with Sophia.

Ekatarina starts training with Sophia for an upcoming gala and, on the day, enchants the audience. But then she suddenly collapses and is taken to hospital where she is diagnosed with leukaemia.

Daniel and Sophia try to make Ekatarina's last weeks as comfortable as possible. Her dying wish is to celebrate Christmas but the doctors fear she won't live to see it. Daniel and Sophia decide that Christmas will come early.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 1999
Director Dmitri Astrachan
Screenplay B & B Westhausen
Cinematography A. F. Rud
L. Mikulo
Paul Wuthe, JMPaula
Cast Daniel Fehlow, Daniel Schmid, Tanja Szewczenko, Valeria Valeeva
Producer Artur Brauner
Production Company CCC-Filmkunst
Runtime 91 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo

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