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Time is of essence, trapped under rubble, buried in the dust. Steve wakes up and realizes he cannot move. Darkness lies before him. Then he hears a voice, unknown and in a strange language. Khaled has awakened from a faint. He, too, realizes that he is under buried rubble and can't move. Wasn't he just with his daughter in the city? Didn't he just want to go shopping and visit his parents? Where is his daughter? What happened? Steve tries to calm him down, but what is this American saying? Khaled hardly understands a word. Steve cannot understand Khaled either. Both are trapped in complete darkness close to each other...

In the evening Anja packs her bag in a small office in Germany. “Press” is written on it in white letters. Concentrated, she puts passports and cards into it. Her husband Leo is watching her closely. He knows that he has to let Anja go again. Into uncertainty. The next morning her flight is heading to the war zone. Leo stays behind. The waiting for the first sign of life begins.

Things have become quiet around Steve and Khaled. The fifth day has begun. It feels like an infinity. The air is so dry, nobody can speak anymore. The silence bursts all hope. When will Anja get in touch? Will Steve and Khaled ever see daylight again?
Genre Drama
Category Short
Year of Production 2018
Director Michele Gentile
Screenplay Michele Gentile
Cinematography Frank Barbian
Cast Tobias Langhoff, Beate Malkus, Sam Alexander, Fakhri Hamad, Alyssa Harting, Maria Gorka Uchmann
Producers Jennifer Schense, Michele Gentile
Co-Producers Holger Bergmann, Sascha Schmidt
Production Company Little Big Talents
Runtime 29 min
Format DCP, color, cs
Subtitled Version English
With backing from Kunst & Kulturamt Tübingen

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