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Himmelfilm: How Were the Skies Like When You Were Young?

Himmelfilm: How Were the Skies Like When You Were Young?
Scene from "Himmelfilm"

"How were the skies like when you were young?"

Most people look immediately out of the window and start to dream, searching between tall buildings for a piece of sky. We collected sounds. Voices from all over the world. Memories from people of their childhood, their home, their sky. Everyone has their own childhood sky. Their own memories, forgotten corners, childhood lairs. Faded and pale like an old color photo from long lost days. Or vivid with color, if you dream yourself away.

And of course the sky is blue. The same everywhere? Always there.
Genre Art
Category Short
Year of Production 2004
Directors Jiska Rickels, Sanne Kurz
Screenplay Jiska Rickels, Sanne Kurz
Cinematography Sanne Kurz
Gisela Castronari
Horst Rickels
Producers Hamid Baroua, Michael Polle
Voices Wim Wenders, Marie Miyayama, Luigi Falorni, Husam Chaddat
Production Company Hochschule für Fernsehen und Film München, in cooperation with Creative Pictures/Munich
Runtime 15 min
Format color, 35 mm
 Diverse languages
Subtitled Version English

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