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Harlan - In the Shadow of the Jew Suess (Harlan - Im Schatten von Jud Suess)

Harlan - In the Shadow of the Jew Suess
Scene from "Harlan - In the Shadow of The Jew Suess" (photo © Blueprint Film GmbH)

Veit Harlan was Nazi Germany’s most successful film director. A hundred million spectators saw his films all over Europe, including the perfidious anti-Semitic propaganda film The Jew Suess. Equally obsessive as he was gifted, Harlan is without a doubt Nazi cinema’s most equivocal figure, together with Leni Riefenstahl. A master of national kitsch, exultations of death and melodrama, he was an artist as blinded as he was talented. With his monumental film Kolberg, released in 1945, he produced the major enduring epic of a declining regime. To this day, many remain fascinated by the driven, crafted aesthetics and darkly seductive power of Harlan’s films.

After World War II, Veit Harlan was the only Third Reich artist who was charged with crimes against humanity, yet he was acquitted in two trials.

The documentary presents the first biography of Veit Harlan with numerous film extracts and previously unreleased film material from the private family archive. It also shows how Veit Harlan’s family - including the youngest generation – still struggles today with the dark myth of artistic immorality.
Genre Art, History
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2008
Director Felix Moeller
Screenplay Felix Moeller
Cinematography Ludolph Weyer
Anette Fleming
Marco Hertenstein
Cast Lena Harlan, Lotte Harlan, Nele Harlan, Chester Harlan, Alice Harlan, Jessica Jacoby, Christiane Kubrick, Jan Harlan, Kristian Harlan, Caspar Harlan, Maria Koerber, Thomas Harlan, Stefan Droessler
Producer Amelie Latscha
Production Company Blueprint Film/Munich, in co-production with WDR, RBB, NDR/Hamburg, YLE
Runtime 100 min
Format color, b&w
Subtitled Version English
Festivals DOK Leipzig 2008, Jerusalem 2009, Stockholm 2009, Moscow 2012
Awards Preservation of Audio Visual Memory Award Jerusalem 2009
With backing from FilmFernsehFonds Bayern, German Federal Film Fund / DFFF Deutscher Filmförderfonds, BKM, MEDIA, Transit Film, Friedrich Wilhelm Murnau Foundation/Wiesbaden
German Distributor Salzgeber & Co. Medien

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