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Fire (Feuer)

Esther Schweins, Ercan Durmaz (photo © schneider + groos filmproduktion)

Berlin, just before Christmas. Relationship problems. The situation between Toma and Marie has come to a standstill. But Toma doesn't want to accept it.

After being injured in an accident, the two take a trip to visit old friends in Italy, in the hope of refreshing their relationship. But the old friends are not who they used to be and, in the meantime, have become involved in very unsettling and mysterious rituals with another couple. While Toma is plagued with nightmares during their stay, Marie tries to find out more about what is really going on.

What was intended as a romantic trip to the idyllic countryside soon turns into a frightening psychotrip.
Genre Psycho Thriller, Melodrama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2005
Director Hardi Sturm
Screenplay Hardi Sturm
Cinematography Andreas Koefer
Achim Seidel
Duerbeck & Dohmen
Cast Clelia Sarto, Esther Schweins, Aleksandar Jovanovic, Ercan Durmaz
Producers Ute Schneider, Christof Groos, Hardi Sturm, Clelia Sarto, Aleksandar Jovanovic
Production Company schneider + groos filmproduktion/Colonge & Hamburg
Runtime 95 min
Format color
Sound Technology Stereo
Festivals Hof 2005

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