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Erotic Tales: The Gallery

Erotic Tales:  The Gallery
Anouska Wink (photo © Ziegler Film/WDR)

Following The Waiting Room and The Gas Station, The Gallery is the third part of this Erotic Tales trilogy. Stylistically they're all connected: each is narrated visually without dialogue, each makes merry fun of an embarrassing erotic fantasy in a public place, and each features the same likeable fall-guy as the hero always ready and willing to strut his manhood like a peacock in heat.

In The Gallery Gene finds himself the sensual object of a beautiful woman's desire. So when, suddenly and unexpectedly, she begins to strip for his pleasure ... well, one good turn deserves another ...

Genre Erotic
Category Short
Year of Production 2003
Director Jos Stelling
Screenplay Jos Stelling
Cinematography Goert Giltaij
Bert Rijkelijkhuizen
Gert Brinkers
Cast Gene Bervoets, Anouska Wink, Raymonde Kuiper
Producer Regina Ziegler
Production Company Ziegler Film, in co-production with WDR
Runtime 26 min
Format 16 mm
 no dialogue
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Montreal 2003 (out of competition)

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