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Egoiste - Lotti Latrous

Egoiste - Lotti Latrous
Scene from "Egoiste - Lotti Latrous" (photo © Gabriella Baumann-von Arx)

Lotti Latrous enjoyed a happy affluent lifestyle - supporting her successful husband and caring for her family. She began to see herself as a selfish egoist, however, when her husband was transferred to the Ivory Coast. There she saw life from a different perspective and the larger social problems in the society in which she lived. Only then did she realize that to be truly happy, she needed to find spiritual fulfillment of her own soul.

This realization drove her to Mother Theresa’s hospice that attends to the needs of terminally ill people. There, she came to appreciate the significance and richness of life, and realized that she had so much to offer. Opening her own AIDS clinic “Center of Hope” in a region beleaguered with wars, some questioned her decision to leave behind her family, including her 9-year-old daughter. But Lotti recognized that this was the price she had to pay in order to help the destitute and terminally ill. Combining the challenge of family obligations and the needs of her own heart, she created a life for herself, which has turned her into an internationally renowned and respected personality.

Today, she knows that it was the right decision. Her journey of personal self-discovery not only proved an enormous boon for the helpless people with whom she came into contact, but made Lotti reassess her own life, which is no longer defined by material things, but rather by independence and liberalism. She had everything, gave up everything, and feels happier than ever. Her incredible devotion to work, her determination to give to others and her courage to fight against injustice makes her an important contemporary role model. Can the self-confessed “greatest egoist in the world” be the next Mother Theresa?
Genre Society
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2007
Director Stephan Anspichler
Screenplay Stephan Anspichler
Cinematography Alban Kakulya
Thomas Belitz
Arthur Besson, Kay Scheibner
Producers Claude Keller, Stephan Anspichler
Production Company York Street Productions International/Hamburg, in co-production with Teleclub/Zurich
Runtime 92 min
Subtitled Versions English, French, German
Sound Technology Dolby Digital
Festivals Montreal 2007, Zurich 2007
With backing from Familien-Vontobel-Stiftung, UBS AG (Stiftung fuer Soziales und Ausbildung), Financial Planning, Hanseatische Kapitalanlage Vermittlungsgesellschaft, Cinetyp Hollywood Inc., ChromaTV, Canopus, MPEC, Probis Media Solutions

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