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Day Bobby Ewing Died, The (Am Tag als Bobby Ewing starb)

Day Bobby Ewing Died, The
Scene from "The Day Bobby Ewing Died" (photo © Joerg Landsberg + Neue Mira Film/Bremen)

Following his parents´ divorce, Niels (17) moves with his mother, Hanne (39), from their middle-class way of life in Bremen to Schleswig-Holstein in 1986 – to a commune in the “Wilster Marsch” not far from the nuclear power plant construction site. For Hanne, this is a step into a new world. Niels, however, does not feel happy in this unfamiliar environment. When Hanne also revives a love affair with the commune guru, Peter, he rebels.

Together with the mayor´s daughter, Martina, Niels joins a resistance movement against the nuclear power plant ready to use violence and thus gets into a clinch with Peter. Following the news of the reactor catastrophe in Chernobyl, however, the nuclear threat suddenly becomes a reality. Niels realizes that he was not born to be a revolutionary and confronts Hanne eye-to-eye in order to finally free himself from her.
Genre Comedy, Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2005
Director Lars Jessen
Screenplay Lars Jessen, Kai Hensel, Ingo Haeb
Cinematography Andreas Höfer
Elke Schloo
Jakob Ilja, Paul Rabiger
Heike Lauer-Schnurr
Cast Gabriela Maria Schmeide, Franz Dinda, Peter Lohmeyer
Producer Elke Peters
Production Company Neue Mira Film, in co-production with Radio Bremen, NDR/Hamburg, ARTE
Runtime 88 min
Format 35 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Festivals Ophuels Festival Saarbruecken 2005, Berlin 2005 (Perspectives German Cinema), Cine Independiente Buenos Aires 2005
Awards Max-Ophuels Award Saarbruecken 2005
With backing from MSH, BiA, Kultur Filmfoerderung Schleswig-Holstein
German Distributor Jetfilm Verleih/Berlin

World Sales
Transit Film GmbH
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Dachauer Strasse 35
80335 Munich/Germany
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