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Cologne's Finest (Musterknaben, Die)

Cologne's Finest

Docker and Dretzke are policemen in Cologne. At the bottom rung on the ladder, but heroes of the daily grind in the struggle for justice. They are assigned to the surveillance of an apartment suspected of being used by drug dealers - backup for two arrogant detectives from headquarters. The surveillance van is small, and the next bar is close by. Docker goes and falls in love with girl behind the bar and gabs about the secret assignment. The duo is forced to enter the apartment under surveillance as a way of making good their mistake, but discover something quite remarkable there: could it be that the colleagues from HQ are in league with the dealers?
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 1997
Director Ralf Huettner
Screenplay Ralf Huettner, Dominik Raacke
Cinematography Hannes Hubach
Veronica Zaplata
Die coolen Saeue
Cast Oliver Korittke, Herbert Knaup, Jürgen Tarrach, Ellen ten Damme
Producer Uli Aselmann
Production Companies ndf:Neue Deutsche Filmgesellschaft/Unterfoehring, die film gmbh/Munich, in co-production with ZDF
Runtime 91 min
Format 35 mm
Sound Technology Dolby SR
Sound Technology Dolby SR, Optical
Festivals Munich 1997

World Sales
ZDF Studios GmbH
Erich-Dombrowski-Strasse 1
55127 Mainz/Germany