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Butterfly in Winter, The (Schmetterling im Winter, Der)

Butterfly in Winter, The
Scene from "The Butterfly in Winter" (photo courtesy of Ute Aurand)

The filmmaker Maria Lang reads out of her diary, which she has been writing since 1991, after her move to the countryside to take care of her mother. In 2005, Ute Aurand began filming Maria's daily nursing of her mother, now 96-years-old. Every morning Maria opens the windows, places the mother in the wheel-chair, washes and dresses her, combs and braids her long white hair. It is repeated day after day, but every day is different.

"The presence of the filmmaker is visible in the camera movements and in the editing rhythm. Admiration and discretion are sensed. We enter into the intimacy of mother and daughter through the eyes of a friend. The silent images create an occasion for attentive observation and balanced awareness." Robert Beavers
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2006
Directors Ute Aurand, Maria Lang
Cinematography Ute Aurand
Ute Aurand, Maria Lang
Producer Ute Aurand
Production Company Ute Aurand Filmproduktion/Berlin
Runtime 30 min
Format 16 mm, color
Subtitled Version English
Sound Technology Mono
Festivals Toronto 2007
With backing from Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg
German Distributor arsenal experimental/Berlin

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