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Black Sheep (Schwarze Schafe)

Black Sheep
Scene from "Black Sheep" (photo © koboiFilm)

Blacksheep is about urban Berlin lifestyle. About a bunch of hopeless losers who are trying to get the big money with the strangest plans. There is an ex-hand model for Rolex who wants to seduce a yuppie girl and cheat his insurance company. There is an East-German woman and her drunken artist boyfriend playing the lottery. Some satanists who are planing a ritual with their grandmother. Two young anarchists who are testing a new kind of ego-economy. And last, but not least, three horny Turkish boys who are stealing cash to meet a prostitute. A light-hearted, stylish comedy in an electric Berlin, full of surreal moments. About material illusions and true love.
Genre Comedy
Category Feature
Year of Production 2006
Director Oliver Rihs
Screenplay Oliver Rihs, Olivier Kolb, David Keller, Michael Sauter, Daniel Young, Thomas Hess
Cinematography Olivier Kolb
Sarah Clara Weber, Andreas Radtke
King Khan, Ramon Orza
René Römert, Jochen Sauer
Cast Jule Böwe, Milan Peschel, Jenny Deimling, Robert Lohr, Marc Hosemann, Bruno Cathomas, Robert Stadlober, Tom Schilling, Daniel Krauss, Kirk Kirchberger, Daniel Zillmann, Irina Kastrinidis, Eralp Uzun, Oktay Oezdemir, Richard Hanschmann, Frank Giering, Robert Strasser, Mina Tander, Ruediger Rudolph, Hassan Kassab, Olga Kolb
Producers Oliver Rihs, Olivier Kolb
Production Company koboiFILM/Berlin, in co-production with Oliwood Productions/Staefa
Runtime 94 min
Subtitled Versions English, French
Festivals Flatpack Birmingham 2006, Solothurn 2006, Hof 2006, Film Pop Montreal 2006, Edinburgh 2006, Puchon 2007, Schwerin 2007, AchtungBerlin 2007
Awards NRD Director's Award 2007, Studio Babelsberg Producer's Award 2007, German Film Promotion Award 2007 (Best Costumes & Production Design)
German Distributor BBQ*/Berlin

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