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An old tram, a pensioner, housewives, a couple of youths, a few giggling girls and various other passengers. And a little old lady who was not at all nice as she annoyed the young colored man sitting beside her with a variety of provocative references. The other passengers remain silent and look in the other direction, vacantly staring into space or smiling their consent, purely by chance as it were. The black man also remains silent until an inspector appears ... The colored man sees his chance, his opportunity for revenge: in a flash he reaches out, tears the old lady's ticket out of her hands and gobbles it up. He himself presents a season ticket showing that he is an honest passenger, but the old lady is caught without a ticket and the inspector can only shake his head in wonder at the woman's downright silly answer when asked to show her ticket: "This man here just gobbled it up!"
Category Short
Year of Production 1993
Director Pepe Danquart
Screenplay Pepe Danquart
Cinematography Ciro Cappellari
Production Company Trans-Film, Berlin
Festivals Tehran 2016

World Sales
Trans-Film Vertrieb GmbH
Albert Kitzler
Gotenstrasse 9
10829 Berlin/Germany
phone +49-30-78 99 14 41
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