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Bertolt Brecht - Love, Revolution and Other Dangerous Things (Bertolt Brecht - Liebe, Revolution ....)

Bertolt Brecht - Love, Revolution and Other Dangerous Things

Brecht's 100th birthday is being celebrated on 10 February, 1998. A good enough opportunity to examine his life closely again. The film director Jutta Brueckner is mainly concerned here with the question of the kind of person Brecht was. We have known him until now as the brilliant author and theatre director, through his plays themselves; we also know him as the cultural flagship of the GDR along with his world-famous Berliner Ensemble. But there was so much more that made his life interesting. The film director Jutta Brueckner tries in this film to find answers to many questions. Questions which, particularly in the GDR, were never allowed to be posed. In order to track down previously undiscovered things, she sends the actor and theatre author Peter Buchholz on a fascinating journey - to the focal points of Brecht's life.
Genre Drama
Category Documentary
Year of Production 1998
Director Jutta Brueckner
Screenplay Jutta Brueckner, Kaj Holmberg
Cinematography Jyrky Arnikari, Klaus Gottschall
Salar Ghazi
Eero Ojanen
Cast Peter Buchholz
Producer Kaj Holmberg
Production Company Top Story Filmproduction/Potsdam, in co-production with ARTE, Kinoproductions OY, Athenafilm, Film Form, Goethe-Institut/Munich
Runtime 95 min
Format 35 mm, color
Sound Technology Optical
Festivals Berlin 98: Forum, Figueira de Foz 98, Halifax 98, Mar del Plata 98, Singapore 99
With backing from MFG Baden-Württemberg, AVEK-Finnland, Eurimages
German Distributor PROGRESS Film-Verleih/Berlin

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