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The German late night show host Max Baumbacher becomes world famous overnight after waking up with an unusually deep, almost magical voice. In an attempt to escape the global spotlight, Max hides out in his agent's house in Spain. This bizarre situation turns into a journey of self-discovery as Max’s past begins to catch up with him.
Genre Drama
Category Feature
Year of Production 2019
Director Gregory Kirchhoff
Screenplay Gregory Kirchhoff
Cinematography Dino von Wintersdorff
Cast Tobias Moretti, Elit Iscan, Lenz Moretti, Ingvild Deila, Richard Sammel, Karoline Schuch
Producers Sophie Florentine Schüttfort, Matthias Greving, Gregory Kirchhoff
Production Companies Kimotion Pictures, Kinescope Film
Runtime 86 min
Format color, 1:2.39
Subtitled Version English
Festivals Hof 2019 (Opening Film), Shanghai 2020
With backing from Nordmedia

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