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(Intolleranza - Luigi Nono's Scenic Action as Seen Today)

Scene from "Intolleranza" (photo courtesy of bce film)

The film traces the history of Intolleranza 1960, a music-theatrical work with which Luigi Nono responded to the great political issues of his time: immigration and xenophobia, torture, industrial disasters and natural catastrophes. Nono wanted to “bear witness” to his time - for him, music and political awareness were inseparable.

In the center of the action is the character of the immigrant, represented in the film by the African dancer Koffi Kôkô, in scenes that oscillate between art and documentary. In Venice in 1961, Intolleranza’s world premiere caused a scandal - people who witnessed it at the time recall what happened and discuss Nono’s æsthetic and political views. Among them: Nuria Schoenberg Nono, the painter and set designer Emilio Vedova, the philosopher Massimo Cacciari and Nono’s pupil, the composer Helmut Lachenmann. Nono’s humanism remains compelling: “The origin of my works is always to search within ‘human provocation’: an event, an experience, a test of our life provokes my instinct and my conscience to give testimony as a human being and a musician.”
Genre Art, Dance
Category Documentary
Year of Production 2004
Director Bettina Ehrhardt
Screenplay Bettina Ehrhardt
Cinematography Hans-Albrecht Lusznat, Volker Tittel, Thomas Bresinsky
Producer Bettina Ehrhardt
Production Company bce film/Munich, in cooperation with WDR, MusikTriennale/Cologne
Runtime 58 min
Subtitled Version English
Festivals FIPA Biarritz 2005

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