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(Endloser Horizont)

Scene from "Endloser Horizont" (photo © Multimedia)

Production Report featured in
German Films Quarterly 01/2005

Lilly, 30-years-old, lives in Hanover in a steady relationship. One day, she learns her father, whom she never knew, is living on a farm in Namibia. She visits him but shortly afterwards he dies. Lilly inherits the bankrupt farm and takes up the challenge of a new life. In so doing, she discovers herself and true love.

Sounds like drama and romance? It should do! Especially when producer and Multimedia’s managing director Claudia Schroeder has her way.

Describing Endloser Horizont as “a great emotional story played in front of an unusual landscape,” Schroeder heaps praise on her cast and crew, calling “Guenther Maria Halmer, Hannes Jaenicke, Uwe Kockisch and Franziska Petri ideal, really ideal. The director made a great choice. If you’re lucky to get a good cast, there’s nothing better that could happen!”

That director happens to be Thomas Jauch, a very well-known name to German TV audiences, whom Schroeder calls “brilliant with emotions and pictures.” With very many credits to his name, one of his several episodes of the crime series Tatort received a Jupiter Award for the most successful TV movie, attracting more than 10 million viewers.

While perhaps not a familiar name to readers of this magazine, Multimedia is one of Germany’s most prolific production companies, producing for both public and commercial broadcasters. Among the company’s current hits, and just part of its 40 series episodes, 6-8 TV movies and one theatrical feature annual output, is the SAT.1 series Alphateam, a weekly drama set in an emergency clinic.

If Multimedia makes television programming as a service provider, the company’s theatrical features are financed, says Schroeder, “with institutional backing and as co-productions.”

Among the awards heaped on Kaspar Hauser, for example, were the 1993 Bronze Leopard in Locarno for Best Actor (André Eisermann) and three 1994 German Film Awards in Gold for Best Film, Best Direction (Peter Sehr) and Best Actor.

“I believe,” says Schroeder, “Multimedia’s quality is our versatility. We make TV, service productions, theatrical features, family entertainment, psychodrama, almost everything.” It’s quality and versatility evidenced by two forthcoming productions.

Ein ganz gewoehnlicher Jude (dir: Oliver Hirschbiegel) stars Ben Becker as a journalist who is asked to speak to a school class and takes stock of his life as a Jewish German - or should that be a Jew in Germany? While Rote Zora, based on the internationally known children’s and young people’s book, is being prepared for shooting in Croatia next year. It stars Mario Adorf and, says Schroeder, “many children, of course!”
Genre Drama, Love Story / Romance

Year of Production 2005
Director Thomas Jauch
Screenplay Barbara Engelke, Erwin Keusch
Cinematography Achim Poulheim
Fritz Busse
Detlef F. Petersen
Karin Bierbaum
Cast Günther Maria Halmer, Franziska Petri, Hannes Jaenicke, Jonathan Kinsler, Tobias Langhoff, Max von Pufendorf, Nomsa Xaba, Uwe Kockisch
Producer Claudia Schroeder
Production Company Studio Hamburg Serienwerft /Hamburg, in co-production with NDR/Hamburg, Degeto Film
Format 16 mm, color
Shooting Dates South Africa, Namibia, Hanover, September-December 2004
Sound Technology Dolby Stereo
With backing from Nordmedia

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